John Wellbelove
Sally Bennett
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John Wellbelove develops and supports an open source C++ template library primarily designed for embedded applications. It is distributed under the MIT license.
Embedded Template Library
  • Solaris Systems Administration.
  • Linux Systems Administration - RedHat (RHEL) and Oracle Linux.
  • Oracle Virtual Server for SPARC (Logical Domains).
  • Oracle Database Administration.
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Administration.
  • 23 + years’ experience in supporting and administering enterprise and corporate IT systems within an ITIL framework.
  • Business Administration and Support
  • 35 years experience designing and coding for projects from bare metal platforms to multi threaded OS solutions.
  • Realtime C / C++
    Mail and banknote conveyor systems
    Oil and gas well monitoring systems
  • Image analysis
    Feature extraction, postal barcodes, franking marks, stamp detection, banknote identification and counterfeit detection, OCR
  • Hardware driver development
    Internal hardware drivers, external hardware interfaces
  • Communication protocol stacks development
  • Standard, proprietry and custom protocols over UART, HDLC, TCP, UDP, CAN
  • Cortex-based microcontrollers
  • Library/Framework development
  • Custom scheduler development
  • C++ Template Meta Programming
  • Experience in Assember, C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript
  • Customer facing and onsite support experience.