John Wellbelove
Sally Bennett
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Oracle DBA
Oracle E-Business Suite DBA
Unix Systems Administrator
    Solaris and Linux
Oracle Virtual Server for SPARC
    Logical Domains
Strong business and customer focus
Prince2 project experience and strong project technical lead
17 years’ experience in supporting and administering enterprise and corporate IT systems within an ITIL framework
Data Analysis
Online Marketing
SEO Review and Implementation
Business Development
Business Administration and Support
Over 35 years experience designing and coding for projects from bare metal platforms to multi threaded OS solutions.
Realtime C / C++
  Mail and banknote conveyor systems
Image analysis
  Feature extraction, postal barcodes, franking marks, stamp detection, banknote identification and
    counterfeit detection, OCR
Hardware driver development
  Internal hardware drivers, external hardware interfaces
Communication protocol stacks development
  Standard, proprietry and custom protocols over UART, HDLC, TCP, UDP, CAN
Library/Framework development
Scheduler Development
Template Meta Programming
Experience in Assember, C, C++, Java, Python, Javascript
Customer facing and onsite support experience.
ARM Cortex Microcontroller Workshop - Hitex
Using an RTOS on Cortex-based microcontrollers - Hitex
The company develops and supports an open source C++ template library primarily designed for embedded applications. It is distributed under the MIT license.
Embedded Template Library